Bovine Colostrum

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Bovine Colostrum


 Bovine colostrum has been used to treat digestive issues, to improve gastrointestintal health, and to boost the immune system. Colostrum is the pre-milk fluid produced from mammary glands during the first 2 to 4 days after birth. It is a rich natural source of nutrients, antibodies, and growth factors for the newborn. Animal Element Colostrum is the highest quality available. It is offered in a 1 LB bag and a convenient re-usable 10 LB American Made Tub


  •  For an average 1100 lb. horse, administer 1 scoop twice daily at mealtime or as directed by your veteriniarian.


1 lb. bag: 90 servings (up to 45 days)

10 lb. tub: 900 servings (up to 450 days)

Ingredients & Benefits

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Bovine Colostrum


Bovine Colostrum is one of our single ingredient products, meaning it contains one single ingredient. In this case, that ingredient is Bovine Colostrum.  

What is it used for?

Bovine colostrum has been used to treat diarrhea, to improve GI health, and to boost the immune system. Colostrum contains immune factors, immunoglobulins, antibodies, proline-rich polypeptides (PRP), lactoferrin, glycoproteins, lactalbumins, cytokines (eg, interleukin, and interferon), growth factors, vitamins, and minerals. There also is a constituent isolated from bovine colostrum that is responsible for uterine and intestinal contraction and for lowering blood pressure.


The immune-boosting properties of bovine colostrum have been promoted as performance enhancers, anti-aging supplements, and healing promoters. Certain Web pages, for instance, claim significant fitness gains for athletes, saying colostrum can assist in the  “promotion of muscle growth.” One clinical trial finds bovine colostrum supplement to increase serum IGF-1 concentration in athletes. IGF-1 is a growth factor that speeds up protein synthesis and slows catabolism.

Certain immune factors and antibodies also fight a variety of organisms, allergens, or toxins including pneumonia, candida, and flu. Constituent lactoferrin prevents pathogens from getting the iron they need to flourish. Lactalbumins and cytokines (interleukin and interferon) also are important as antivirals and anticancer agents.

GI Aid

Using colostrum preparation in animal studies, bovine colostrum has been shown to have a high capacity for neutralization of bacterial toxins and high effectiveness in assisting with severe diarrhea. Bovine colostrum supplementation, in another report, has been shown to assist with NSAID-induced gut injury in various laboratory and animal studies, suggesting its possible usefulness for certain ulcerative bowel conditions.

Several studies show how bovine colostrum concentrates, including G immunoglobulin isolates, are highly successful alternative agents used to improve GI health and to assist with diarrhea caused by a variety of pathogens.

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