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Diane Moschera

Thompson's Station, Tennessee

Phone: (615) 308-2063

Email: dianemoschera@aol.com

Dealer since '16

Hello, my name is Diane. I love to Barrel Race and Pole Bend. We follow the NBHA, IBRA and Open show circuits. I also team rope with my husband and we love to trail ride with our Boarders.  We run a boarding facility south of Franklin, TN.  

Foundation Detox® is my favorite Animal Element product. It contains all the base nutrients I am looking for at a cost effective price. It supports joints, immunity, and overall health. 

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Marty O'dell

Bristol, Tennessee

Phone: (423)335-1071

Email: Mulecreek89@gmail.com

Dealer since '17

I’ve been in the performance horse industry for over 15 years. My family and I compete in barrel racing, team sorting, and ranch horse events. 
Animal element is used in our barn, not only as a supplement source, but for our horse’s overall wellbeing. We strive to provide the ultimate nutrition for our athletes.
My supplements of choice would be Finish First and Detox. The combination provides joint restoration, muscle enhancement, as well as, digestive aid for superior performance to excel at our sport.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Kierstyn Powell

Tazewell, Tennessee

Phone: (865) 585-3811

Email: CumminsGirl21@icloud.com 

Dealer since '17

I'm Kierstyn and I am the 2017 IBRA East TN 1D High Point Open and Adult Champion

And couldn't do it without my Animal Element!!




Foundation detox®

The nation's LEADING detox supplement for years running. This daily supplement can help you improve the overall health of your animal, with added joint support, while removing a wide variety of toxins.

In the zone

Compounded formula that aids your horse's digestive health and focus. In The Zone paste is designed to help horses maintain healthy eating habits, improve animal work ethic, increase mental focus, and calm while maintaining focus.


Our Mare-Aculous compounded formula is designed to improve your horse's focus, behavior, and reproductive health.

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