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Angela Elkin

Montgomery, Texas

Phone: (936) 537-6136

Email: elkinperformancehorses@gmail.com

Dealer since ‘16

I have always been a horse lover, ever since I can remember, and the love of horses drove me to beg for riding lessons during my youth. I frequently switched back and forth between english and western, competing in everything from hunter under saddle classes to barrel racing. While I was in college, I settled on barrel racing and haven’t looked back. 

I currently work full-time for a private security company doing mounted patrol, and Animal Element supplements have been the driving force behind keeping my work horses preforming their best. My favorite products to use are the Foundation Detox, because of the added joint support and it keeps their coats and hooves looking phenomenal, and the In The Zone paste. I call the In The Zone paste my “insurance” because when my horse and I are working a concert venue, I need to know that he is going to stand still with 10,000 or more people coming at him, so I can direct traffic safely. The other two products I use daily are Cissus Quandrangularis and ALCAR, for my miniature dachshund. She has degenerative disc disease and was quickly going downhill physically and mentally. After a week on Cissus and ALCAR, her pain was almost non-existent and she has been able to walk on her own without assistance (or surgery) plus she is back to being her happy, playful self.

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Lynn & Murray McKenzie

Lindale, Texas

Phone: (903) 920-7200

Email: murray.lmbr@gmail.com

Dealer since ‘15

After a highly successful stint in ProRodeo in which Lynn and her great horse Magnolia Missile won 2 WPRA World Championships, 2 WPRA Reserve World Championships, & 5 trips to the National Finals (winning 3 of those), Lynn & Murray have spent the last 40 years teaching Barrel Racing all over the country. This was primarily done thru barrel racing clinics. Additionally we have spent this time ministering the Gospel of Jesus to people everywhere we go. Countless thousands of people have reached thru this ministry.

   In addition to the above, Lynn has used her experience and knowledge to design saddles, saddle trees, bits, pads, and other tack items. This has also included working with veterinarians, feed companies, & horse care supplement companies in developing her expertise in caring for our horses.

   We have been with Animal Element now for 4+ years and are very pleased with the results we have seen with our horses plus the horses of our students and customers. We know that quality products produce quality results.

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Jessica Ragsdale

Hull, Texas

Phone: (979) 204-9589‬

Email: 2requineservices@gmail.com

Dealer since ‘18

My name is Jessica ragsdale,
my husband & I own and operate a small business in Southeast Texas, 2R Equine Services!
We offer many services geared towards the Equine Industry & have been slowly branching out into the bucking bull industry through my brother & sister in law! Our main objective is the success of the animal we work with whether a horse or a bull! 

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Julie Shirley

Andrews, Texas

Phone: (432) 631-1170

Email: j_m_shirley@yahoo.com

Dealer since ‘13

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Jackie Sue Watlington

Texarkana, Arkansas

Phone: (903) 826-8611

Email: jackiesuewat@aol.com

Dealer since ‘13



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