A little about us

 As with our product line saving so many daily. Animal Element sprung from the ashes to save a dog named Kuro. 

 Each product was developed for a need we had with one of our own horses or dogs. The founder and CEO Michelle French has had a love for animals since she could say her first words. That first word was not "mommy or dadda" but Horsie. Her mother still holds this over her head today. Horses especially were a place of comfort from the very beginning for her. Even today Michelle can be found in the pastures just spending time with her horses. "Horses give me a since of peace." Michelle French CEO

  The first introduction to supplements was in the early 80s for Michelle. Owning a really nice mare who would routinely have Rhabdomyolysis, "to tie up". The veterinarians at that time gave no hope for the mare. Michelle not taking a closed door on the mare went to the library and started to research the issue, looking for a solution. With dedication she was successful and found research with solutions for tying up through supplementation with Vitamin E and Selenium.  This discovery sparked a life long goal of developing real solutions for animals with supplementation. Aligning herself with some of the brightest minds in the science and equine world to develop the first product, Foundation Detox®. 

 The Foundation Detox® was developed initially for a Tosa named Kuro. Michelle brought Kuro out of Japan only to discover he was in the latter stages of Babesia. With organ failure and seizures at any excitement, Kuro was in critical condition. Babesia is a blood protozoan similar in structure to EPM.  Her first reaction was to lift her fist in the air and just scream, WHY... Questioning why God would do this to her and this amazing animal. Then a feeling of calm overcame her as she went to work finding a solution. Determined to save her beloved Kuro. Gathering ingredients and putting them together in a formulation. Michelle started seeing improvements quickly. Over the next 6 months Kuro's blood work normalized and he tested free of Babesia. It was at that point with a finished product that gave her hope and seeing Kuro thrive, she knew there was going to be more to this story.  After several years of using the formulation on the Tosas, horses and other animals the feedback from customers was overwhelming. Animal Element was born. 



Foundation detox®

The nation's LEADING detox supplement for years running. This daily supplement can help you improve the overall health of your animal, with added joint support, while removing a wide variety of toxins.

In the zone

Compounded formula that aids your horse's digestive health and focus. In The Zone paste is designed to help horses maintain healthy eating habits, improve animal work ethic, increase mental focus, and calm while maintaining focus.


Our Mare-Aculous compounded formula is designed to improve your horse's focus, behavior, and reproductive health.

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