Oklahoma Dealers

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Michelle Henderson

Pryor, Oklahoma            

Phone: (918) 906-2879

Email: canchasinok@yahoo.com

Dealer since '16

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Katherine Jackson

Piedmont, Oklahoma            

Phone: (405) 373-3299

Email: soonergirl98@yahoo.com

Dealer since ‘13

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Tonia Johnson

Poteau, Oklahoma

Phone: (918) 385-1817

Fax: 918-647-2205

Email: toniajohnson@hotmail.com

Dealer since ‘11

    I have been an AE dealer since 2011. I have seen hundreds of horses over the years benefit from the wonderful products that we offer. My discipline is barrel racing and I am blessed to live this dream!  My favorite Animal Element product is Product X aka “rocket boost” in a bag!


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Tara Sanders

Henryetta, Oklahoma

Phone: (318) 491-2915

Email: TaraMThompson@me.com

Dealer since ‘14


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Carol Wilson

Bristow, Oklahoma

Phone: (403) 317-5963

Email: sundialhorses@hotmail.com

Dealer since '17




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