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     Looking for an Animal Element Dealer near you? Look no further than our Neighborhood Store. Our dealers are extremely knowledgable, they can help you answer any questions about our product, and can even complete orders for you.  All of our dealers are listed below by state. Click on your state to find a dealer near you. Don't see your state? Go to our "Contact Us" page and we can help you with all your needs .



Foundation detox®

The nation's LEADING detox supplement for years running. This daily supplement can help you improve the overall health of your animal, with added joint support, while removing a wide variety of toxins.

In the zone

Compounded formula that aids your horse's digestive health and focus. In The Zone paste is designed to help horses maintain healthy eating habits, improve animal work ethic, increase mental focus, and calm while maintaining focus.


Our Mare-Aculous compounded formula is designed to improve your horse's focus, behavior, and reproductive health.

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