Meet The Makers

Welcome to the Backside

Meet the makers, the employees who work on the backside here at Animal Element. These folks handle everything from making product, to shipping it out to you, and everything in between.

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Jesse N.

I'm Jesse and I am the Social Media & Marketing Director at Animal Element. I run our social media pages & manage our advertising campaigns. I've been with Animal Element for 2 years. I am a Communication Studies student at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. I enjoy hiking, skiing, cycling, and pretty much any other outdoor sport I can do with my friends.

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Ryan W.

Hey, I'm Ryan, the Senior Production Manager here at Animal Element. I oversee the production and manufacturing of every product we make at our East Tennessee warehouse. I love backpacking, biking, running, snowboarding, staying up till 2 am watching Netflix, looking for deals on Craigslist, and everything Chick-fil-a & Cookout makes.

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Matt W.

Hey I'm Matt, I'm a Junior Production Associate. I work in our Tennessee warehouse- mixing and bagging product. My favorite movie is Star Wars: Episode IV, I'm an amateur mountain biker, competitive Overwatch player, Environmental Science student at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, and my favorite TV series is Planet Earth II.

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Cam G.

What's up! I'm Cam (and that's my lovely wife Savannah on the right). I'm a Junior Production Associate & Graphic Designer at Animal Element. I make product at the warehouse & help out with any design needs for the company. I love professional basketball, traveling, running, biking, backpacking, climbing, anything outside really, and PIZZA.

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Thomas C.

Hey I'm, Thomas! I'm the Wholesale Account Executive at Animal Element. I oversee the accounts for all of our dealers and I am responsible for signing up new dealers. I love fly fishing and I really like sports. I'm a big fan of the Atlanta Braves and anything Tennessee football.

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Jake L.

Hi, my name is Jake, and I am the analysis executive at Animal Element. I analyze sales patterns, inventory levels, and customer data to make sure we can best meet our customers needs. I am currently a junior at the University of Tennessee studying supply chain management. I am also involved in Young Life, a Christian outreach ministry for High School kids.

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Eric S.

Hi, I'm Eric and I'm the Director of Operations. I manage the warehouse, inventory, shipping and receiving, and the manufacturing schedule. I'm also a partner with Animal Element. I love learning new things- listening to lectures, sermons, ted talks, and especially learning from all the incredible people that work here.



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