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Kiera Walker

Mackinaw, Illinois

Phone: (309) 202-8166

Email: kiera8202@gmail.com

Dealer since '16

     I'm Kiera Walker, and that's my horse Taylor. My favorite Animal Element product is is Foundation Detox®, second is Product X and third is Finish First™. My horses use all three and they feel great to walk down a trail, chase cattle, or run a barrel pattern.



Foundation detox®

The nation's LEADING detox supplement for years running. This daily supplement can help you improve the overall health of your animal, with added joint support, while removing a wide variety of toxins.

In the zone

Compounded formula that aids your horse's digestive health and focus. In The Zone paste is designed to help horses maintain healthy eating habits, improve animal work ethic, increase mental focus, and calm while maintaining focus.


Our Mare-Aculous compounded formula is designed to improve your horse's focus, behavior, and reproductive health.

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